Important information

In the frame of counselling services we offer preliminary information about any respective restrictions or possible discounts with respect to the requested product planned to be imported or exported already beforehand entering into any foreign trade contract.

Correct tariff classification is a prerequisite of the above based on the technical and other data provided by client and the manufacturer, furthermore based on the product description and samples. It is also important to accurately define the place of origin of the required product.

We continuously provide our regular clients with information about any changes related to the customs legislation.
Information and basic documentation required for the customs procedure shall be provided by client.

Comprehensive customs administration:

The procedure starts with the verification of documents, and based on the documents we elaborate the proposal to be submitted to the customs authority. We fill out all necessary annexes, CMR, TIR documents, T-documents, EUR1 certificates, customs value declarations and customs calculations.

We also participate during reviews and sampling requested by the customs authority.

We gather and check the content of the customs declaration issued by the customs authority; upon request – as long as the necessary conditions are ensured- we also settle the payable charges. We represent our clients during any subsequent procedures ordered by the customs authority. Upon request we also undertake the elaboration of petitions and/or appeals for the amendment or correction of customs declarations.

Origin information: If the documents handed over to us fail to contain the documents ensuring any possible discounts, we also draw the attention of our clients to any available or obtainable discounts (origin, tariff-related).
In terms of our clients the definition of a correct customs value is crucial by taking into consideration the costs modifying the customs value, as this constitutes basis of the payable customs duties. (INCOTERMS, licence fee, transportation costs, etc.).

we offer our support in obtaining permits issued by the customs authority and in the completion of the customs procedure (exemption from VAT payment, VAT self-assessment permit, deferred customs duty payment, authorisation of economic customs procedures, etc.)

In the case of temporary admission we undertake deadline monitoring; after restoring the closure of the procedure, settlement and release of guarantees.

We offer comprehensive ATA CARNET administration, and/or we gather the required form from the respective Chamber of Commerce. We fill out the out form, and once our client has signed the document we ensure the certification of the document by the Chamber of Commerce and the customs authority. Once the document is returned, we also undertake settlement of the document. Any costs arising during this procedure shall be met by client (such as obtaining the document, certification charges).

Based on documents handed over in the frame of registration tax administration we request VPID number (customs identification number) to our clients, we fill out the respective form and we submit it together with the respective annexes to the customs authority, we receive the declaration and upon request, - as long as the necessary conditions are ensured- we also fulfil it.

In the frame of INTRASTAT administration we undertake the elaboration of reports towards the Statistical Office (KSH) about trading volume between a Hungarian business organisation with EU tax number and taxpayers registered in other member states of the European Union for obligants reaching the prescribed threshold value.

We undertake the registration of our client in the electronic system of the customs authority in the frame of environmental product tax administration, furthermore based on the received information and data we elaborate the product tax declaration and we also elaborate a recommendation for waste recycling solutions.

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